Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza LXI

Maruti Suzuki, the automobile giant, needs no introduction in the world of automobiles. Known for its robust and reliable vehicles, the brand has made a significant mark in the industry. In this context, the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza LXi stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and performance. This model, known for its attractive design and powerful performance, has gained a significant place in the market.

Brezza LXI Exterior Design

The Vitara Brezza LXi captures attention at first glance, thanks to its compelling exterior design. With its bold front grille, stylish LED headlamps, and sleek body lines, it exudes a sense of sophistication and robustness. The high ground clearance and large wheel arches give it a muscular stance, making it stand out among its competitors. The rear is equally appealing with a distinct light cluster and integrated spoiler. Users have often praised the vehicle’s aesthetics, lauding its modern, dynamic appeal.

Vitara Brezza LXI Interior Design

Inside, the Vitara Brezza LXi doesn’t disappoint. The car offers a spacious cabin, comfortably accommodating five adults. The well-crafted interiors boast of premium fabric upholstery and a smartly laid-out dashboard. One of the highlights is the Smartplay Studio system that integrates smartphone, vehicle, and cloud-based services. Additionally, the automatic climate control ensures optimum comfort for all occupants. The feedback from users underscores their satisfaction with the vehicle’s interior comfort and advanced technology.

Vitara Brezza LXI Engine and Performance

Under the hood, the Vitara Brezza LXi houses a 1.5L K-series petrol engine. The engine, combined with a 5-speed manual transmission, provides a smooth and responsive drive. Its performance on highways and city roads alike has been lauded by users, with a special mention of its impressive fuel efficiency. When compared with its competitors, the Vitara Brezza LXi holds its own, offering robust performance with good mileage.

Safety Features in Brezza LXI

Safety is an area where Maruti Suzuki never compromises. The Vitara Brezza LXi comes equipped with essential safety features like dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, and rear parking sensors. The body structure is designed to absorb impact, providing additional safety to passengers. While comprehensive safety test results might not be available, the Vitara Brezza LXi’s safety features align with industry standards.

Price and Affordability of Brezza LXI

The Vitara Brezza LXi, with its comprehensive set of features and strong performance, is priced competitively in the market. Given its offerings, many consider it a value-for-money purchase. In terms of affordability, it fares well against competitors, offering a robust set of features for its price.

Brezza LXI on Road Price

Brezza LXI on Road Price in Delhi

In Delhi, the Maruti Suzuki Brezza’s pricing begins at Rs. 9.39 Lakh and can reach up to Rs. 16.01 Lakh. The Brezza is a compact SUV, available with two engine choices: a 1462 cc Petrol engine and a 1462 cc CNG engine. The on-road cost of the Brezza equipped with the 1462 cc Petrol engine varies from Rs. 9.39 to Rs. 16.01 Lakh. Meanwhile, the CNG version, which also has a 1462 cc engine, has an on-road price range of Rs. 9.78 to Rs. 12.92 Lakh.

Versions Specification On-Road Price

Brezza LXi

1462 cc, Petrol, Manual, 102 bhp

₹ 9.39 Lakh
Brezza LXi S-CNG

1462 cc, CNG, Manual, 87 bhp

₹ 9.78 Lakh

Brezza VXi

1462 cc, Petrol, Manual, 102 bhp

₹ 10.20 Lakh
Brezza VXi S-CNG

1462 cc, CNG, Manual, 87 bhp

₹ 11.29 Lakh

Brezza ZXi

1462 cc, Petrol, Manual, 102 bhp

₹ 11.76 Lakh
Brezza Vxi AT

1462 cc, Petrol, Automatic (TC), 102 bhp

₹ 11.87 Lakh

Brezza Zxi Dual Tone

1462 cc, Petrol, Manual, 102 bhp

₹ 11.93 Lakh
Brezza ZXi S-CNG

1462 cc, CNG, Manual, 87 bhp

₹ 12.76 Lakh

Brezza ZXi S-CNG Dual Tone

1462 cc, CNG, Manual, 87 bhp

₹ 12.92 Lakh
Brezza ZXi Plus

1462 cc, Petrol, Manual, 102 bhp

₹ 13.26 Lakh

Brezza ZXi AT

1462 cc, Petrol, Automatic (TC), 102 bhp

₹ 13.33 Lakh
Brezza Zxi Plus Dual Tone

1462 cc, Petrol, Manual, 102 bhp

₹ 13.43 Lakh

Brezza Zxi AT Dual Tone

1462 cc, Petrol, Automatic (TC), 102 bhp

₹ 13.50 Lakh
Brezza ZXi Plus AT

1462 cc, Petrol, Automatic (TC), 102 bhp

₹ 14.83 Lakh

Brezza Zxi Plus AT Dual Tone

1462 cc, Petrol, Automatic (TC), 102 bhp

₹ 16.01 Lakh

Pros and Cons

Like any vehicle, the Vitara Brezza LXi has its strengths and weaknesses. On the plus side, it boasts a strong exterior design, comfortable interiors, robust engine performance, and comprehensive safety features. However, the absence of automatic transmission in this variant might be a drawback for some. Additionally, while its interiors are comfortable, some competitors offer a more premium feel.


In conclusion, the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza LXi is a strong contender in the compact SUV segment. With its compelling design, powerful performance, and competitive pricing, it offers a complete package for those seeking a robust, reliable, and stylish vehicle. Its place in the market is well-deserved, and it continues to be a vehicle worth considering for prospective buyers.

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