Kia Sonet Price in Delhi

When Kia made its first impression in India with the launch of the Seltos. We knew it was going to be big. The Carnival also turned out to be another smashing success for consumers, as an alternate to the Toyota Innova Crysta. Keeping its impressive track record in mind, we point out reasons why you should opt for the upcoming Kia Sonet, which will likely become the next big subcompact SUV on the Indian roads by late 2022. A production version of the close-to-production Kia Sonet concept debuted at the 2020 Auto Expo. This vehicle already has a buzz around it and no doubt is getting everyone excited! So let’s know about Kia Sonet Price in Delhi

Kia Sonet Specifications

Before you make up your mind by seeing Kia Sonet Price in Delhi, you should know its features. The Kia Sonet is roomy, and seats with comfort and convenience feature are available throughout the cabin. There is the 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system that spotlights navigation and a multitude of connectivity options that aid in the ease of control for a driver wanting to use his or her Uvo smart device. These are cool features including ventilated seats, an electric sunroof, automatic climate control, auto headlamps, tyre pressure monitoring system, wireless charging capabilities, Bose speakers, an instrument cluster display that offers a tachometer among other devices. And for safety measures at hand, it includes front and rear parking sensors, 6 airbags, ABS with EBD plus more!

Kia Sonnet Market Review

Kia, a new brand in the car market, wants to attract buyers towards their Sonet cars. The car already offers an impressive number of standard features which is one reason why it has already appealed to a wide range of buyers. In order to lure customers into the showroom. Kia has included a vast array of options. That give their customers the ability to customize their cars when they buy them. When you go down the list of driver safety and connectivity features. you once again see that Kia Sonet takes its place at the top. It comes with everything families need to make sure getting from A-B is as safe and convenient for them as possible.

Kia Sonet Price in Delhi

Model Features Ex-showroom Kia Sonet Price in Delhi On-road Kia Sonet Price in Delhi
Kia 1.2 HTE Manual Petrol ₹ 6.95 Lakh ₹ 7.81 Lakh
Kia 1.2 HTK Manual Petrol ₹ 7.95 Lakh ₹ 8.91 Lakh
Kia 1.5 HTE Manual Diesel ₹ 8.65 Lakh ₹ 9.83 Lakh
Kia 1.2 HTK Plus Manual Petrol ₹ 8.79 Lakh ₹ 9.83 Lakh
Kia 1.5 HTK Manual Diesel ₹ 9.59 Lakh ₹ 10.88 Lakh
Kia HTK Plus Turbo iMT Manual Petrol ₹ 9.89 Lakh ₹ 10.98 Lakh
Kia 1.5 HTK Plus Manual Diesel ₹ 10.09 Lakh ₹ 11.92 Lakh
Kia HTX Turbo iMT Manual Petrol ₹ 10.49 Lakh ₹ 12.06 Lakh
Kia Turbo iMT Anniversary Edition Automatic Petrol ₹ 10.89 Lakh ₹ 12.51 Lakh
Kia 1.5 HTX Diesel Manual Diesel ₹ 10.89 Lakh ₹ 12.85 Lakh
Kia HTX DCT Automatic Petrol ₹ 11.09 Lakh ₹ 12.74 Lakh
Kia Diesel Anniversary Edition Manual Diesel ₹ 11.29 Lakh ₹ 13.31 Lakh
Kia Turbo DCT Anniversary Edition Automatic Petrol ₹ 11.49 Lakh ₹ 13.19 Lakh
Kia 1.5 HTX Diesel AT Automatic Diesel ₹ 11.69 Lakh ₹ 13.78 Lakh
Kia HTX Plus Turbo iMT Manual Petrol ₹ 11.89 Lakh ₹ 13.65 Lakh
Kia HTX Plus Turbo iMT DT Manual Petrol ₹ 11.99 Lakh ₹ 13.76 Lakh
Kia Diesel AT Anniversary Edition Automatic Diesel ₹ 12.09 Lakh ₹ 14.24 Lakh
Kia GTX Plus Turbo iMT Manual Petrol ₹ 12.35 Lakh ₹ 14.17 Lakh
Kia 1.5 HTX Plus Diesel Manual Diesel ₹ 12.39 Lakh ₹ 14.59 Lakh
Kia GTX Plus Turbo iMT DT Manual Petrol ₹ 12.45 Lakh ₹ 14.28 Lakh
Kia 1.5 HTX Plus DT Manual Diesel ₹ 12.49 Lakh ₹ 14.71 Lakh
Kia 1.5 GTX Plus Manual Diesel ₹ 12.85 Lakh ₹ 15.13 Lakh
Kia 1.5 GTX Plus DT Manual Diesel ₹ 12.95 Lakh ₹ 15.24 Lakh
Kia GTX Plus Turbo DCT Automatic Petrol ₹ 12.99 Lakh ₹ 14.90 Lakh
Kia GTX Plus Turbo DCT DT Automatic Petrol ₹ 13.09 Lakh ₹ 15.01 Lakh
Kia 1.5 GTX Plus AT Automatic Diesel ₹ 13.59 Lakh ₹ 15.99 Lakh
Kia 1.5 GTX Plus AT DT Automatic Diesel ₹ 13.69 Lakh ₹ 16.10 Lakh



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