Swift price in Delhi

When it comes to best-selling cars in this country, Maruti Swift has to be in top places. The vehicle has enjoyed a huge dominance over other models on the sales charts. The popularity of Swift has been so high that it has been a regular on the list of top 5 highest selling cars in India for many years. Last month, Maruti’s Swift sold 142% more than Hyundai’s Grand i10 model, which is the second most popular B-segment car in the country with over 16,000 units sold compared to Hyundai’s 6,600 units. And this was when there was much speculation about an upcoming new model from Hyundai with a new exterior and interior design due to launch next month.

The Swift, introduced by Maruti in 2005, was the brand’s first hatchback. It was an instant hit and was soon supplemented by a five-door version, which carried the Dzire nameplate. This third generation of hatchback featured intensive use of lightweight materials and plastic fascias to keep its weight down to just under a tonne. Since then, we have seen two more generations of both this vehicle and another second-generation car—the Dzire. Both these models come standard with electronic fuel injection to keep emissions as low as legally possible.

Owning a Maruti Suzuki car comes with its benefits and things are no different for the owners of the Maruti Swift. The country’s largest-selling carmaker has been in business for over 35 years now and offers an extensive dealership network that caters to your every need, along with speedy service provided by their well-trained technicians. The Swift also has high mileage, which makes owning one even easier in your pockets. There are additional perks like great resale value, which can help you recover a major chunk of the initial investment on selling the vehicle.

The Maruti Swift has 1 engine option. The automobile is powered by a 1197cc Petrol engine which comes with either a manual or automatic transmission depending on the model. The specific mileage can vary from town to town and country to country, but the average is something like 23-24 km. It accommodates 5 passengers and has dimensions of 3845/1735/2450 (length x width x height). When you’re purchasing your next new Maruti, be sure to ask about their special financing offers which can come in handy!

Swift price in Delhi

Model Specifications Ex-showroom swift price in Delhi
Swift LXI Manual Petrol ₹ 5.90 Lakh
Swift VXI Manual Petrol ₹ 6.74 Lakh
Swift VXI AMT Automatic Petrol ₹ 7.24 Lakh
Swift ZXI Manual Petrol ₹ 7.42 Lakh
Swift ZXI AMT Automatic Petrol ₹ 7.92 Lakh
Swift ZXI Plus Manual Petrol ₹ 8.13 Lakh
Swift ZXI Plus DT Manual Petrol ₹ 8.27 Lakh
Swift ZXI Plus AMT Automatic Petrol ₹ 8.63 Lakh
Swift ZXI Plus DT AMT Automatic Petrol ₹ 8.77 Lakh









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