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Honda has introduced certain changes to enhance the Activa 6G to appeal to a wider set of customers. For example, it has incorporated a larger front wheel with a telescopic fork and an ACG starter for silent kicking as was suggested by many of its customers. Moreover, it has added a fuel-filler cap from out of the front hood instead of having it under the seat; this change makes for better accessibility and convenience in refueling. To give you all the information, including Activa 6g Price in Delhi, we have put everything together.

The engine is much more refined and fuel-efficient compared to the 5G, while handling has been improved as well. In addition to this, Honda also offers a three-year standard warranty provided as default but it can be extended up to a maximum of 3 more years which is pretty impressive for any scooter. Make no bones about it; if you’re looking for a great city commuting mobility option then there’s no better than the new Honda Activa 6G!

The Honda Activ 6G scooter is fueled by a 109.51 cc air-cooled engine that produces 8.79 Nm @ 5250 rpm. It stores 5.3 L of fuel in its tank and has a response time (torque at the wheel). weight of 107kg and ground clearance of 170mm. The Active 6G starts at Rs 70,599/- only and goes up to 72,345/- (ex-showroom, Delhi). It is available in two variants with a seating capacity of 2 people.

Activa 6g Price in Delhi

Variant On road price Specification
Activa 6G Standard ₹  86,971   (On-road Delhi) Drum Brakes, Steel Wheels
Activa 6G Deluxe ₹  89,716   (On-road Delhi) Drum Brakes, Steel Wheels
Activa 6G Premium Edition Deluxe ₹  90,816   (On-road Delhi) Drum Brakes, Steel Wheels

Remarkable Features in Active 6G

  • Multi-function unit
  • Ample storage under the seat
  • Adjustable rear suspension
  • LED DC Headlamps
  • eSP Technology
  • Silent start with ACG
  • Sensor-based advanced PGM-FI system for smart fuel injection
  • Engine start/stop switch
  • Elegant instrument panel

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