The Best Places to Visit in South India During the Winter Season

You know the saying: There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing. Well, that may be so, but winter is a challenging time for anyone who wants to travel. Everything — from hotels to restaurants to sightseeing spots — shuts down or becomes inaccessible because of the biting cold and heavy snowfall. However, you don’t have to let the winter blues get you down! South India is home to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. So, even though they might be slightly colder than other parts of India in December and January, these spots are still worth visiting! After all, not everyone can say they’ve seen snow when traveling outside their country. Here are some excellent Places to Visit in South India  for a winter vacation as per Hoborover, the best travel advisors in Delhi:

Places to visit in Ooty

Ooty—also known as Udhagamandalam—is a beautiful hill station in Tamil Nadu. It was once a British settlement, which is why you’ll see a lot of colonial-era architecture around town. You can tour Ooty Lake, visit the Botanical Gardens, or take a trip to the Nilgiris. And of course, you have to try the famous Ooty masala dosa! If you’re planning to visit during winter, you should know that the peak tourist season is from October to February. If you’re hoping to see snow, then you’re in luck! Ooty gets buried in the snow between December and February, so you’re guaranteed to see some.

Places visit in Coorg

The beautiful Kodagu district, or Coorg, is one of the most popular destinations in South India, and for a good reason. It’s home to some of the most stunning landscapes, and you can experience them firsthand by going on a trek, exploring the forests, or taking a ride on a boat. There are also several natural and artificial waterfalls you can visit, so bring your camera along! Coorg is a winter destination, so you may see snow if you’re visiting between December and February.


Also known as The Kakkad Boat House, the Thekkady region is one of the most popular places in Kerala. It’s a great place to go on a wildlife tour because you can see wild animals like elephants, tigers, and crocodiles. There’s also the Papanasam Dam, where you can do some fishing, and Periyar Lake, the largest freshwater lake in South India. You can also visit Kumily, a nearby town known for its spice plantations. The best time to visit Thekkady is between September and February, when it’s slightly more relaxed, but the weather is still pleasant.


Once the princely city of Mysore, Karnataka’s capital is now a growing commercial center. A favorite tourist spot is the Mysore Palace, once the Wadiyar dynasty’s royal residence. You can also visit the Chamundi Hills and The Krishna Raja Sagar Dam, the largest hydroelectric project in Karnataka. Mysore is also home to several temples, including the famous Chamundeshwari Temple. If you’re visiting during winter, be prepared to encounter chilly weather! The temperature often falls below 10°C.

kodaikanal Hill Station

The “princess of the Indian hill station,” Kodaikanal, is the most popular winter tourist destination in South India. A charming hill town in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal gives energizing views of its lakes, waterfalls, valleys, and green hills. The focal point of the business is the town’s most well-known tourist destination, Kodaikanal Lake. It is a 2,000-meter-high star-shaped lake surrounded by evergreen trees. Kodaikanal is a fantastic winter site, offering opportunities for trekking to waterfalls and learning about its diverse flora. One of the most acceptable reasons to visit this winter retreat is the ethereal beauty of the misty Kodaikanal Lake. In Kodaikanal, it becomes a bit cold in the winter and occasionally drops below five degrees.


Kochi, a well-liked tourist destination in South India with a city around it and an important port since the 19th century, draws many visitors throughout the year. It is the ideal starting point for your unforgettable tour to Kerala and was formerly known as Cochin. The World Travel & Tourism Council ranks Kochi as one of the top three tourist destinations. Kochi is renowned for its clean beaches, ancient ruins, lush hills, and diverse flora and wildlife. Following the monsoon, winter is another excellent time to visit Kochi since the temperature is pleasant. The ideal time to visit Kochi’s beaches and other tourist attractions are when it’s between 17 and 30 degrees outside.

Places to Visit in Alleppey

A city in southern Kerala is called Alleppey, often known as Alappuzha. Lord Curzon referred to it as the “Venice of the East” because he thought Alleppey’s natural splendor reminded him of Venice, Italy. Alleppey has established a reputable reputation in backwater tourism and is known as Kerala’s houseboat capital. One of Alleppey’s biggest draws is its interconnected canal network, which allows visitors to access the suburbs. In addition, the spotless beaches, lagoons, and lush paddy fields make it a destination-worthy location in South India. One of the most incredible winter travel destinations in South India is Alleppey. The area is referred to be Kerala’s Houseboat Capital and is popular with backwater tourists.


South India is a beautiful place to visit, even during winter. From Ooty to Mysore, you’re bound to find a site that is just right for you. Whether you want to marvel at the snow or explore the nearby forests, you will have a fantastic time. So make sure you book your tickets soon. After all, who knows when the winter will end? If you want to visit South India during the winter season, check out our article above. We have listed some of the best places to visit in South India during winter. These places are perfect for couples, families, and friends looking for a fun yet affordable vacation.

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