Feel the chills by diving into snowfall in Shimla
  • February 24, 2022
  • Hobo Rover
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Shimla is one of the most important tourist destinations in India, especially for people living in the Northern part of the country. Tourists from all over the country visit Shimla in large numbers. Shimla has a lot to offer to its visitors in terms of scenic beauty, pleasant weather, and the spirit of adventure. When visited at the right time, tourists can enjoy a breathtaking view of Snowfall In Shimla.

If you are in India and want to experience chilly snowfall, you should get down to Shimla. You can go for a snowy drive or go to the snow-capped mountains and drench in the snowfall. Hobo Rover, the Best Travel Information Website, is here to help you plan the trip and make the most of your trip. Here are our top picks for places to be when there is snowfall in Shimla:

Mall Road

The beauty of Mall Road and its shopping spirit is everlasting. No matter which month you go, Mall Road is always full of life. But, there is something special when it snows. Mall Road is filled with numerous shops and eateries to make your trip amazing and tasty. The beauty of mall road increases when there is snowfall in Shimla. When it snows, the walk on the road becomes mesmerizing. People get a heart-filling experience as they walk the snow-covered road and look for their favorite shops. You can also enjoy some of the best food items while you stroll the road for shopping.


Kufri is a small village near Shimla. It is located just 16km away from Shimla. When you get bored of shopping or eating delicious food items, you must take your trip towards Kufri. This hill station might be small but it is known for its snowy adventure activities. You can indulge in skiing, snow sledging, and many more activities. All these activities will make your trip worth every penny. When you return home, Hobo Rover guarantees that you will start planning to come back to Kufri again.

Jakhoo Peak

Situated 8,000 feet above sea level, Jakhoo Peak is a well-known tourist attraction in Shimla. Visitors can go up close and personal with that tall Alpine forest that is ever so colorful during the spring season. Additionally, they can also pay homage to Lord Hanuman who is the original monkey God of India. Many flocks to this site every year where they marvel at how snow covers the ground like icing on a cake!

Green Valley

Most tourists who come to Shimla are from cement cities. Cities where everything is covered with cement and concrete. Somewhere in this cement and concrete, nature is left behind. Green Valley fulfills that loophole in your life. Apart from being one of the most visited tourist spots in Shimla, it is also one of the loved sites for Bollywood shooting. It is also the site where several Bollywood movies have been shot. This site is perfect for all those who want to love nature again.


There are few towns in the country which are more magnificent than all others. Among such towns is Naldhera. It is situated approximately 25 km from Shimla. If you want to retreat from a crowded place and still want to enjoy snowfall in Shimla, Naldhera is the perfect place for you. Not many people know of this place except for some hard-core golf lovers. Naldhera is home to the oldest 9 hole golf course in the country. The town is filled with luxurious resorts, picnic spots, and sites from where you can enjoy snowfall in Shimla.

The most beautiful hill station in India is all set to be the hotspot for winters this year as the tourists are thronging in to enjoy the snowfall in Shimla. which has been snowing for the past few days. The tourists are all looking forward to experiencing the snowfall with their own eyes and feeling the cuteness in the chilly weather of Shimla. We hope you will add to your list the places suggested by Hobo Rover, the Best Travel Information Website. Do not forget to subscribe to our blogs for more travel-related information.

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