Places to visit in Kufri in your next heavenly trip

Kufri is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in India and abroad. This beautiful place is commonly known as the “Queen of Himachal”. This year, the destination is in the spotlight again, given the Kufri Carnival, a cultural extravaganza, which will host more than 100 stalls showcasing artifacts, clothes, and handicrafts. The Kufri is situated at the foot of the Shivalik hills. It is one of the most popular hill stations in the city of Shimla. The place is famous for its snowfall and the wild beauty of its surroundings. Let know about top Places to Visit in Kufri

All of the Places To Visit In Kufri are known for their serene beauty. They are also considered the most romantic destinations in the country. Here Hobo Rover, the Best Travel Information Website, will take you through the Kufri to know where to visit and what to see for your next heavenly trip:

Kufri Fun World

We expect that all of us have been to adventure parks once in our lifetime. Some might have gone in their childhood and some in college time. Now, imagine an adventurous park covered in snow. Kufri Fun World is situated at more than 2700 m above sea level. It is counted among the highest situated amusement parks in the entire world. No matter what your age is, you will enjoy being in this amusement park and will thank Hobo Rover for suggesting it to you.


Kufri is not just famous for its snow and scenic view but also for skiing. From Shimla, Kufri is just 16km away. Kufri has some amazing ski slopes and amazing views. Due to its skiing capabilities and facilities, Kufri attracts a huge number of tourists from around the world. People who visit Shimla, make it in their itinerary to travel to Kufri for skiing. If you are not into skiing, you can also find a zoo nearby and ride Yaks for fun.


As discussed, there are numerous activities you can do and many places to visit in Kufri. Not all activities are made the same. For those who enjoy a little less adventure, tobogganing is the ultimate choice. It has become one of the famous activities in Kufri. It will remind you of your childhood as it involves sliding down trails of snow. Apart from sliding, you can enjoy the snow-filled peaks of mountains and valleys filled with trees.


Fagu is a quaint snow-covered village nearby Shimla. This place feels like a fairytale with its serene atmosphere, beautiful mountain views, and fog white snow. Locals believe that Fagu means faded or foggy which makes sense given that everything about it looks magical.

Kufri Zoo

The last among the Places To Visit In Kufri is The Himalayan Nature Park. This park is commonly known as Kufri Zoo. It’s nestled in the heart of the beautiful pine and deodar forests at an altitude of 2,350 to 2,730 meters above sea level, which is why it’s called the Valley of Green Forests. The zoo area is about two hectares, and there are open enclosures for the animals where they can roam around. There are also three display cages. The enclosures have caves, tree trunks, logs, and night sheds (small shelters) for weather protection. Some important animals are being protected here; Sambar deer, Black Bear, and Leopards that were rescued from wildlife smugglers. There is also a children’s park!

Everyone loves to travel. It is a way to get away from our daily routine and explore new and exciting places. If you are planning to travel to Kufri then you have landed at the right place! We have summed up the top 5 places to visit in Kufri for you. We hope you will include them in your travel journey. To know more about travel information, do follow Hobo Rover, the Best Travel Information Website.

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