The Ultimate Guide to Places to Visit in McLeod Ganj

If you haven’t already heard of McLeod Ganj, you’re in for a treat – this place is a traveler’s paradise. It’s a town that sits just outside of Dharamshala, in the foothills of the Himalayas. McLeodganj is a fascinating tourist attraction in Himachal Pradesh for trekkers. With so many interesting Places To Visit in McLeod Ganj, it is also renowned as the home of the famous Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama. This hill station is popular around the world for being home to the great and mystical religious figure known as the Dalai Lama.

Sitting amidst beautiful hills all around, Mcleodganj is blessed with ancient Tibetan and British culture. So, if you’re looking for an excellent retreat from your daily life, be sure to pack your bags and set out for this hill area of Himachal Pradesh!

Triund Trek

Constituting one of the highly acclaimed trekking trails in the country, Triund has situated around 8 km from Mcleodganj. To reach this cherished destination, one must first turn onto Tushita Road which is located right near Mcleodganj’s main square. The area can be reached by traveling for about twenty-five minutes. Then one will see Triund’s treks as well as observing Moon Peak Mountain and Indrahar Pass. Although these are just two weeks a year that Kangra Valley experiences snow, the Dhauladhar Mountains are always shrouded with a nice blanket of white.

Bhagsunath Temple and Waterfall

This temple is dear to Hindus especially Gorkhas. As per the local story, there lived a king Bhagsu. He invocated the wrath of the snake god due to some reason. Soon, a war occurred and the snake god defeated the king. King was pardoned and he built this shrine in honor of snake god and generosity. This temple has its own scenic background and environment. It is surrounded by coniferous forests which look pristine year-long. There is a swimming pool that is open to the public and the cool dip is sacred to the devotees.

Kareri Lake

This lake is the point where you can relax after a long day. You can either start your Mcleodganj journey from this lake or end it here. It is a freshwater lake situated very near to Mcleodganj. Dhauladhar mountain range makes sure Kareri Lake never runs out of water. Snow of the mountain range melts in the summer and gives an ample amount of that water to fill this lake. When you are at KAreri lake, do not forget to take pictures. But more importantly, make sure you put down everything for some time and make yourself one with nature. Gaze into beautiful pine trees and their reflection in the lake.


Dharamkot is a village adjoining McLeodganj that has an abundance of stunning landscapes and natural wonders. You can visit the Dharamkot festival for a fun celebration, or you can step away from the midst of all the action to enjoy peaceful serenity at one of the many temples in town if you’d prefer something more relaxing. It’s no wonder why travelers choose to visit this area every day! The village of Dharamkot offers visitors a unique contrast to the lively Tibetan realms of McLeodganj as there are plenty of natural treasures right on its outskirts that draw travelers’ attention each and every time they appear, whether it be those who have visited many times before or even complete newcomers! Go trekking at nearby Naddi Village and Triund Hill, with awe-inspiring views overlooking the surrounding valleys – will make sure that your trip has everything you want and more!

Naddi View Point

If you want to experience the beauty of snow-capped mountains, there could be no better place than the Naddi viewpoint. The Naddi viewpoint is one of the tourist attractions in Mcleodganj that offers a splendid view of the hilly areas. Photographers are able to capture stunning moments here as well as watch spectacular sunrises and sunsets from this high-altitude area. Besides, it is home to a verdant canopy of vegetation which creates an atmosphere of tranquillity all around. People often bring meals with them when they head over to this beautiful valley in order to have lunch or dinner while admiring the breathtaking scenery surrounding them on all sides.

We hope you enjoyed our article about all the places to visit in Mcleodganj. As per Hobo Rover, the emerging travel information website, the town is an amazing place, and we hope that this list of places to visit in Mcleodganj has helped you find some things to do while you are there! If you have any other questions or concerns about the best Places To Visit in McLeod Ganj, please contact us.

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