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Renowned for its top-notch and reliable vehicles, Maruti Suzuki is a household name in the automobile industry. In the spotlight today is the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza VXi, a model that has managed to carve a niche for itself due to its striking design and robust performance.

Vitara Brezza VXI Exterior Design

The Vitara Brezza VXi is a head-turner, with its unique exterior design that merges style with practicality. It’s outfitted with a bold front grille, stunning LED headlamps, and sleek body contours that radiate elegance. It boasts impressive ground clearance and pronounced wheel arches, giving it a sturdy appeal. The rear comes complete with an innovative light cluster and an integrated spoiler. Customers frequently laud the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal, appreciating its modern, dynamic look.

Brezza VXI Interior Design

Stepping inside the Vitara Brezza VXI, one is greeted with a meticulously designed interior. It offers a capacious cabin that can comfortably seat five adults. The high-quality fabric upholstery and intuitively laid-out dashboard contribute to its refined look. Noteworthy is the Smartplay Studio system that seamlessly integrates smartphone, vehicle, and cloud-based services. The automatic climate control adds to passenger comfort. Users have frequently highlighted the vehicle’s interior comfort and innovative technology in their feedback.

Brezza VXI Engine and Performance

The Vitara Brezza VXi is powered by a 1.5L K-series petrol engine. Paired with a 5-speed manual transmission, this SUV offers a smooth, responsive drive. Its performance on both highways and city roads is commendable, and the fuel efficiency is impressive. When compared with its rivals, the Vitara Brezza VXi holds its ground, delivering reliable performance with excellent mileage.

Brezza VXI Safety Features

Maruti Suzuki has made no compromises when it comes to safety. The Vitara Brezza VXi is equipped with crucial safety features like dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, and rear parking sensors. The body structure is designed to absorb impact, offering added safety to passengers. Although detailed safety test results may not be available, the safety features align with industry norms.

Brezza VXI Price and Affordability

The Vitara Brezza VXi, given its myriad features and strong performance, is competitively priced. Many consider it a value-for-money purchase, considering the features it offers. When it comes to affordability, it holds up well against rivals, providing a robust set of features for its price.

Brezza VXI On Road Price

Brezza VXI On Road Price in Delhi

ntroducing the Maruti Brezza Vxi: Explore the Exceptional Value

Discover the Maruti Brezza Vxi, now available at an attractive price of Rs 9.64 Lakh (Ex-showroom) in Bangalore. To delve deeper into the world of this remarkable vehicle, including captivating images, insightful reviews, and enticing offers.

Versions Specification On-Road Price

Brezza LXi

1462 cc, Petrol, Manual, 102 bhp

₹ 9.39 Lakh
Brezza LXi S-CNG

1462 cc, CNG, Manual, 87 bhp

₹ 9.78 Lakh

Brezza VXi

1462 cc, Petrol, Manual, 102 bhp

₹ 10.20 Lakh
Brezza VXi S-CNG

1462 cc, CNG, Manual, 87 bhp

₹ 11.29 Lakh

Brezza ZXi

1462 cc, Petrol, Manual, 102 bhp

₹ 11.76 Lakh
Brezza Vxi AT

1462 cc, Petrol, Automatic (TC), 102 bhp

₹ 11.87 Lakh

Brezza Zxi Dual Tone

1462 cc, Petrol, Manual, 102 bhp

₹ 11.93 Lakh
Brezza ZXi S-CNG

1462 cc, CNG, Manual, 87 bhp

₹ 12.76 Lakh

Brezza ZXi S-CNG Dual Tone

1462 cc, CNG, Manual, 87 bhp

₹ 12.92 Lakh
Brezza ZXi Plus

1462 cc, Petrol, Manual, 102 bhp

₹ 13.26 Lakh

Brezza ZXi AT

1462 cc, Petrol, Automatic (TC), 102 bhp

₹ 13.33 Lakh
Brezza Zxi Plus Dual Tone

1462 cc, Petrol, Manual, 102 bhp

₹ 13.43 Lakh

Brezza Zxi AT Dual Tone

1462 cc, Petrol, Automatic (TC), 102 bhp

₹ 13.50 Lakh
Brezza ZXi Plus AT

1462 cc, Petrol, Automatic (TC), 102 bhp

₹ 14.83 Lakh

Brezza Zxi Plus AT Dual Tone

1462 cc, Petrol, Automatic (TC), 102 bhp

₹ 16.01 Lakh


Efficiency Meets Performance: Unveiling the Maruti Brezza Vxi Mileage

Witness the optimal balance of power and fuel economy with the Maruti Brezza Vxi, as it proudly boasts a certified mileage of 20.15 km/pl. Experience the joy of driving while enjoying impressive fuel efficiency on every journey.

Pros and Cons

The Vitara Brezza VXi, like all vehicles, has its strengths and weaknesses. On the one hand, it shines with a striking exterior design, comfortable interiors, strong engine performance, and comprehensive safety features. On the other hand, the lack of automatic transmission in this variant could be a setback for some. While its interiors are comfortable, some competitors may offer a more luxurious feel.


In conclusion, the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza VXI is a solid contender in the compact SUV segment. With its alluring design, strong performance, and competitive pricing, it presents a complete package for those seeking a durable, reliable, and stylish vehicle. Its place in the market is well-deserved, and it continues to be a vehicle worth considering for prospective buyers.

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